Salina is a global business consulting firm helping companies to expand worldwide. We have 11 offices in 10 countries covering Asia, Europe, America  and the Middle-East. Since 2005, we have completed over 225 missions in 15 countries. These missions has been conducted in 12 industries by over 50 consultants expert in our clients field. 72% of our clients sign a second consulting mission. These make Salina one of the mid-market leader in South-East Asia.

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9 Services: Market Analysis, Feasibility Study, Due Diligence, Business Planning, Singapore: A Gateway to Southeast Asia, Project Management, Business Partnership, Business Merger & Acquisition, Business Investment

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What makes successful companies?
Salina shares its experience and communicates the key issues that support our clients of delivering high-performance and increasing their turnover. We connect people with practical insights.

  • Ben Siddons, Sales Director at Audi Cambodia

    “I would highly recommend Salina’s skill and diligence managing and advising a fledgling company under extremely changeable circumstances in a developing market. Salina was instrumental in driving corporate strategy, helping us to reach quarterly revenue goals and successful integration of new businesses into the group.”

    Ben Siddons, Sales Director at Audi Cambodia
  • Fiona Aprilda, Owner at Aprilda Fiona & Partners

    “I have worked with Salina Consultants to open the Raffles Business School in Batam. Salina managed promptly and effectively the management of the project, and opened the school two months ahead of schedule.”

    Fiona Aprilda, Owner at Aprilda Fiona & Partners
  • Frederic Bachelet, Executive Director at K-Fix Automotive

    “Salina Consultant was able bring us very good advices in the development of our strategy and the implemented of a management tools, very helpful to manage our resources and objectives.”

    Frederic Bachelet, Executive Director at K-Fix Automotive
  • Walter Martin, President at PenhTech

    “It was my pleasure to work with Salina Consultant when it provided consulting services to HYC’s board of directors and upper management team. I found the consultants to be easy to work with, and they had many good ideas for improving the company’s working methods, standards, and most importantly, profitability.”

    Walter Martin, President at PenhTech
  • Tilong Fei, Head of Logistics & Shipping

    “Salina Consultants have created a strategic plan for Green Logistics and Forwarder, which has helped our company immensely.”

    Tilong Fei, Head of Logistics & Shipping