Is your business ready to grow?

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Companies compete in the market in order to win the greatest potential market share, and our role is to bring strategic solutions that support this goal. Clients rely on us to deliver critical insights, which facilitate the best decision-making to expedite business expansion.

We are recognized for our in-depth research and analytical techniques, which we apply by drilling deep into primary and secondary sources, and then by evaluating each situation to bring you the best possible recommendations. Our research is conducted by locally based native speakers within each relevant market. The content of our research includes the size of the opportunity, key trends and drivers, the market structure and key market participants, regulatory issues, customer needs, and other pertinent decision-making criteria.  All our work is entirely customized, and typically goes beyond intelligence to produce true insights and recommendations.

Entering a new market is never easy. The sheer diversity of international markets, multiplied by industries, and other variables makes it difficult for even the most successful companies to use the same approach everywhere. We leverage our client’s business capabilities and existing commercial strategy to create a plan for successful entry, including: channel selection, location analysis, potential partnership and acquisition opportunities, pricing, and other important considerations.

When expanding their presence in international markets our clients’ are seeking to create new market entry strategies. We utilize macroeconomic and demographic data, proprietary intelligence on market indicators and competitors, as well as extensive fieldwork. Global companies considering Merger & Acquisition deals utilize our services in order to peel below the surface and assess the true market worth of a prospect. Investors find our services indispensable in identifying and screening M&A targets, as well as in conducting a thorough market assessment of potential investments ranging in size from privately-owned SMEs, to large publicly owned companies, and state-owned corporations.

In choosing SALINA CONSULTANTS you have the assurance of obtaining both excellence and creative work delivery in combination with a courteous and an ethical attitude. We look forward to developing a successful working relationship to facilitate the implementation of a winning growth strategy for your company.