How merging and acquisition can change your business dimension

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Successful merger & acquisition deals require timely but accurate information, sophisticated analysis, and a high degree of discretion and confidentiality. Depending on the situation and our client’s needs, we can provide sound information and analysis regarding the strategic, economic, and financial strength and viability of M&A prospects, as well as conducing a broader industry or market study examining competitors, suppliers, customers, and regulatory risk factors.

We also work closely with emerging markets private equity funds as well as investors to provide actionable information and analysis for investment targets. We also work closely with small to mid-sized funds that do not have the in-house manpower to conduct extensive due diligence on prospective investments, or to closely monitor current investments and the markets in which they play.

We provide senior management with decision support for growth and profitability strategies in emerging markets. We are experts in applying specific, detailed market insights to enable businesses to compete more effectively by winning customers, beating the competition, and meeting their strategic objectives.

Salina Consultants can change your business dimension.

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