Indonesia infrastructure development

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In a country with more than 17,500 islands and over 80,000 km of coastline, Ferry transportation plays a key role in ensuring the efficient movement of people and products between major commercial hubs such as Sumatra and Java as well as providing accessibility to Indonesia’s bevy of remote islands.

Thanks to the tourism and demographic growth Indonesian government decided in their National Development Plan 2015-19, to develop the infrastructure on sea transportation that includes, as shown in the enclosed table, the construction of 24 Sea Port.

In addition, passengers using ferry transportation for this year’s mudik (people traveling to their own town during festive season) are expected to rise 3.5 percent (y/y) to 3.8 million, while passengers that use sea transportation are estimated to grow 3.0 percent (y/y) to over a million individuals.

For these reasons, we are supporting companies of entering and investing in the Indonesian Maritime Transportation market.