Salina celebrates its 11th birthday!

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Salina is entering into its second decade!

The last 12 months were the most dynamic and intensive ones in term of business development! We opened three more offices: New Delhi, New York and Ho Chi Minh City. Salina is now present in 10 countries with 11 offices on 4 continents.

This business development is due to our determination to deliver excellence all the times and on times since the very beginning in 2005. Thanks to this strategic vision, we manage to get 72% of repeating clients. Our clients’ portfolio now includes 12 major industries in over 20 counties.

In May 2016, we have revamped all our marketing collateral and change the color of our logo. It was also the occasion to update our services offer to match the market demands. We are now focusing on 3 categories of services. EVALUATE, including Market Analysis; Feasibility Studies; and Due Diligence. ENTER, including Business Planning; Singapore Gateway to South East Asia; and Project Management. EXPAND, including Business Partnerships; Business Investment; and Merger & Acquisition.

For the next 12 months, we are planning to work more with International Organizations such as the European Union and the ASEAN. The objective is to support these organizations in promoting their SMEs business.

If you really want to enter new markets and expand your business, let’s try our evaluation system on our website which will allow you to get an overview of what you can expect. This evaluation leads to a 1 hour free consulting either in one of our 11 offices, or in your office, or by skype.

We are looking to work with you soon!