How to Enter the US Market

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Why do we need to enter the U.S. market? May it be better starting from some small country first? That is exactly the main mistake! The cost of goods preparation for sale in a new country is approximately equal. Time investment for entering a new market is approximately equal as well. However, the difference in market potential and feedback is very lopsided toward large markets such as the USA. The primary issue in market penetration is the capacity and saturation of the market.

The first thing that we hear in discussions about the start of sales in the United States is: “No one is waiting for us there! The shelves are over-laden with everything in any American store”. That is a fact. However, if you consider Chinese goods today, you would not have thought that they could enter America twenty years ago. Nowadays every store has Chinese goods where they make the major part of the whole selection.

The next concern that we hear from our clients is: “We are late. Chinese are not to be outrun already. The possibility of your goods entering the American market is within the realm of objective reality, and any success should not be considered a “miracle”. The real question that should be asked is “How can we make it?”

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