How to get funds

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Frequently we are approached by companies that tried to raise funds by themselves. All of them have failed for the same reasons: too long pitch deck trying to cover everything with a lot of jargon and acronyms; and, excessive financial details underestimating competitions. These makes investors ignore a potential business opportunity. Simply because being unprepared scare people who risk their money.

Our role is to review the deck in verifying the following elements: the market analysis; the feasibility study; the business model; the marketing plan; and the business valuation. From there, we are able to draft a 15 slides pitch taking no more than 20 minutes to present.

These slides answer the following questions: who are you? What problem you are solving? How are you different from competition? How do you solve the problem? How your idea works? Who are your leads? What’s the size of your market? Who are your direct competitions? What’s your business model? What kind of money do you need? How will you use that money? What the exit strategy?

This formula helps 100% of our clients to reach their objectives. Simply because we know what investors want to know, and they are opening their doors with confidence. Need help to get funds? Contact us now for 1-hour free consulting introduction.