How to open your hotel

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We have a long experience in the hospitality sector and thanks our team of experts we can help clients to open their hotel in a safe and efficient mode.

The first thing to thing to do is choosing the right location. We have seen beautiful concept offering good services, not optimizing their potential or closing their doors, only by choosing poorly their location. The concept and the location should match and meet a market demand.

Then come of the architect and contractors’ choice. We strongly recommend using the local expertise. Bringing outsiders, will trigger suspicion and bitterness. Bear in mind that you will have to work with the local community to offer external services to your clientele. You will have more freedom with the choice of the equipment and furniture, but local options are another way of promoting the uniqueness of your concept.

If you haven’t hospitality experience, we recommend hiring us. We will speed up the opening process and will be an impartial interlocutor with all the actors’ project. We have seen so many projects spending too much time and money, only because of the hidden relationship between stakeholders.

Then comes the recruitment. The first person to recruit must be the General Manager. We have a qualitative business network in the hospitality sector that will meet your expectations. Then, this person will coordinate the recruitment of all staffs, as well as their training about your hotel’s concept.

The marketing plan for the launching of your hotel, shouldn’t be ignored or depreciated. Too many hoteliers are struggling with a poor rooms’ occupancy, simply because they overestimated their product and underestimated their competitions. We know how to position a hotel in a market and how to reach your target. There are plenty of marketing and e-marketing solutions available and we know how to optimize your investment.

In 12 years we have opened 4 hotels in 4 countries. You want to know more about our service? We offer 1-hour free consulting to listen your objective and show you what we have done. To claim your 1-hour session in calling our emailing us.

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