Why invest in healthtech

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The global average lifespan has risen steadily since 2000, and in the EU, it’s topped 80 for the first time. With this growth in mind, venture capital investors have been keen to back healthtech startups. Healthtech has ridden an overall VC boom in the past several years. However, while volume and capital invested have both been slowing elsewhere in 2017, healthtech has already broken a record, with nearly $4.5 billion invested so far this year. Babylon Health, which raised $60 million, has recently partnered with the UK’s National Health Service to offer remote doctor consultations via Skype.

The greater value in the sector can be attributed at least in part to the increased activity within bigger round sizes. Over a fourth of VC deals in healthtech so far this year have been above $5 million in value, compared with just over 15% last year. While the US still counts for the majority of healthtech deals, other geographies have been eating away at that near-monopoly. From making up 77% of global deals in 2012, US-based activity has gradually fallen, as activity in Asia and the rest of the world has ticked up.

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