What’s shaping the future of logistics business

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Today, businesses are increasingly looking for ways to satisfy their customers. Customer demand sees consumers wanting their products as early as same day, and these customers are willing to pay extra to receive this service. With companies such as Amazon making same-day and two-day delivery charges cheaper than ever, this will put increased pressure on warehousing and logistics industries.

In the quest for quick turnarounds, companies are looking towards automated and semi-automated warehousing solutions as a viable option. Despite their use for high-end businesses, 2018 could see smaller warehouses incorporating automation, or at least semi-automation, to keep up in the marketplace.

We’ve already witnessed a few unconventional logistic methods over the past couple of years. With drones delivering parcels, deliveries by driverless vehicles and even robot staff, the experimental phases in both warehousing and logistics is not over just yet. However, these methods come with their issues. Drones must abide by airspace rules and have their weight limitations. Driverless vehicles are still in their testing stages. Robots also take away the human element of customer service and replace worker wage jobs with higher-paid technician roles.

As companies look towards decreasing their turnaround time, there will be a need for more consideration on workplace safety as a result. Companies will need to communicate with their equipment suppliers to ensure that they know their responsibilities, as well as ensuring proper risk assessments and safety systems are in place to provide reasonable measures to protect their employees. Safety will also encompass cybersecurity, as businesses across a wealth of industries look to protect themselves and their customers from data breaches.

 It is important that businesses understand how to develop to keep up with consumer demand and industry expectations. If you would like to discuss more about your warehousing and logistics and discover how your business can save money as well, get in touch with our specialists today.

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