The revolution of the manufacturing sector

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We are seeing a complete revolution in factories and manufacturing. Technology including advanced analytics, machine learning, the IoT, cloud computing and human-machine interfaces are part of the mix. Although these technologies are already making a difference throughout industry, they now make sense for use within the manufacturing sector. They are reliable and with lower costs, allowing them to be used within growing industrial applications. No longer do manufacturers have to be large to take advantage of smart tools. In fact, companies of all sizes now have opportunity. 

Perhaps one of the biggest switches in mindset will be between assets and customers. Gone are the days of manufacturing one product to be the fix for millions of consumers. Instead, consumers are connected to the industry via social networks, customer interactions and data analytics. Every part of business can be informed by the consumer. Now, it is just as efficient to produce customized products than it is to produce batches. Why? because now you can combine the efficiencies of mass customization while delivering a truly unique product to consumers. 

Beyond connected consumers are our connected employees. Employees become empowered when they are given direct access to the information they need most. New collaboration platforms and tools make it easy for employees to access everything they need, from anywhere, using the device of their choosing. Manufacturers will benefit from a more streamlined decision-making process thanks to the visibility that technology has given us. With enhancements in ERP, CRM and Customer Experience Mapping, employees are now able to view the entire supply chain which empowers them to make informed decisions about products, marketing strategies and the assembly line. 

As consumers shift their mindset towards products and their demand, production can be dynamically adjusted to follow suit. Now, manufacturers of all sizes can take advantage of new technology. Where can we speed up production? Where are we wasting product or time? Where is our inventory lacking? What equipment needs servicing and maintenance? All of this and more can be answered quickly. 

Other tech such as AR and VR can also change the way we design products, by using live demos and full immersion. Products can be tested even before they hit the assembly line saving time and money. For manufacturers the digital transformation is critical for success. We do have expertise in supporting manufacturers’ business development. Want to know more? Contact us now.

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