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Business Planning

A proper business planning is key to access international markets

  • Define and secure your strategy with accurate and quantifiable objectives
  • Clarify your approach towards targeted markets
  • Adapt your products & services to targeted markets
  • Identify key success factors & Make accurate business forecasts

SALINA Business Planning: Salina Consultants has developed in-house business planning assets designed to develop an accurate export strategy and business forecasts.

Singapore: A Gateway to Southeast Asia

Setting-up in Singapore to access Southeast Asian fast-growing markets

  • Gain access to the fast-growing Southeast Asian markets
  • Leverage Singapore’s strategic position
  • Benefit from one of the world’s safest locations to conduct business
  • 50 comprehensive Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements

SALINA Market Entry Toolkit: Salina Consultants has developed in-dept market-entry tools – market monitoring and business intelligence studies, along with in-house Corporate Management assets – Organizational Matrix, Strategic map and Project Management.

Project Management

Practical commitment leads to effective project implementation

  • Execute strategic projects effectively and efficiently
  • Adopt a methodological approach for your future projects
  • Ensure the delivery of your project on time
  • Enter new market in the best circumstances

SALINA Project Management: Salina Consultants has developed in-house Project Management tools designed to plan, implement and monitor all necessary actions to drive your projects efficiently.