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Business Partnership

Choosing the right partnership is critical to enter new markets

  • Target relevant markets based on your products & services
  • Develop a proper business partnership strategy
  • Identify relevant and trustworthy business partners
  • Secure and implement business partnerships agreement

SALINA Trade & Business Partnerships Toolkit: Salina Consultants has developed in-depth market-entry tools – market monitoring and business intelligence studies, along with in-house Corporate Management assets – Strategic map and Project Management

Business Merger & Acquisition

Determining the right target to acquire secure your business growth

  • The fastest way to enter a new market
  • Generate cost efficiency through economies of scale
  • Enhance revenue gain through increased market share
  • Greater value generation

SALINA Trade & Business Partnerships Toolkit: Since 2005, Salina Consultants has developed an extensive, qualitative and effective business network in Asia and Europe. Our experts are hard to please which guarantee you the choice of the best target in the market.

Business Investment

Expanding your activity rapidly by reaching out to new markets

  • Increase business valuation
  • Take control of the strategy
  • Increase market share
  • Earn more dividends

SALINA Business Investment: Salina Consultants has developed an extensive understanding of major industries and develop a qualitative business network. Thanks to our presence in Asia, Europe and the Middle-East we are able to provide an effective access to these markets.