Salina is a global business consulting firm helping companies to expand worldwide. We have 11 offices in 4 continents covering Asia, Europe, America and the Middle-East. Since 2005, we have completed over 250 missions in 28 countries. These missions have been conducted in 12 industries by over 50 consultants expert in our clients field. 60% of our clients sign a second consulting mission to pursue their expansion. These make Salina one of the mid-market leaders in the world.

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Always deliver excellence on time

11 Countries, 1 Mission

Increase our global footprint to allow our clients to develop more business opportunities

Core Values

Ethics – we believe that professionals reinforce knowledge & competences with ethics

Courtesy – we believe that people deserve to be listened

Creativity – we believe that smart businesses rely on innovation

Excellence – we believe that successful businesses deliver a qualitative work

Competitive Advantage

We have consultants with expertise in all business fields

We have developed an extensive worldwide business network

We speaks 9 languages

We never missed a deadline

We have a rate of 66% repeating clients

Our Journey

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