Combining global experience, comprehensive capabilities across major industries, and practical solutions on the world’s most successful companies, SALINA collaborates with clients to help them deliver effective corporate performance.


Every day customers find new ways to book their flights, to get informed about the route maps, to remain digital while flying too. SALINA helps airlines to manage customer data models, to streamline operations, to innovate and provide customized services.


Competitive differentiation depends on innovation and time to market, so improving clients product life-cycle solution brings significant value to their business. SALINA helps clients to enter new markets, increase revenues, improve operational performance, and ultimately outpace their competitors.


In this dynamic environment, banks are at risk of being unable to meet future business needs due to the complexity driven by inappropriate procedures and duplicate business processes. SALINA helps banks to simplify their core operations, and to enable a more sustainable business model.


Construction companies need to adapt to the dynamic market conditions and the new customers’ needs. SALINA helps organizations optimize their operational efficiency and lower their cost of service while improving their offerings and services.


The popularity with international rankings reflects the consensus that qualitative education is essential for economic growth. SALINA helps institutions to optimize their organizational model and develop partnerships, in order to foster learning processes.


Developing the energy transition to build a sustainable business. SALINA helps companies deliver greater value from their projects portfolio by enabling better control, reducing time to market, minimizing budget variances and improving asset performance.


The health services main concern are delivering solutions that enable patients to improve health outcomes and optimize healthcare spend. SALINA assists clients in implementing strategies to provide more efficient health interactions in order to improve overall quality of care.


In order to stay responsive to highly competitive market, high tech companies must embrace frequent change, and accelerate innovation that translate into revenue. SALINA takes an objective approach enabling companies to create additional value from their solutions, reducing cost and minimizing risk.


As market conditions shift and competitive pressures intensify, so companies have to adopt new strategies. SALINA helps clients optimizing their operating processes, improving value, reducing waste and cutting costs to provide lasting, sustainable benefits.


For manufacturers improving the performance operations is constantly front of mind. SALINA helps design, manage and execute lasting performance improvement. We advise and implement lean manufacturing and cost reduction programmes.


Sufficient land-side capacity to keep cargo moving is essential for liner vessels to maintain their schedules. Today port congestion received significant attention. SALINA helps companies to improve their organization to produce more work and expand faster.


Retailers must be agile in today’s volatile world, quickly adapting to customer preferences, emerging technologies or global trends. SALINA helps retailers stay ahead of the rising demands, and supports their business expansion.