Business Investment

Our Approach

BUSINESS INVESTMENT is for companies willing to expand their activity rapidly by reaching out to new markets. Our expertise and experience of worldwide business environments will allow you to choose and implement the appropriate business investment strategy, secure your growth, and set up a profitable business cycle.

Your Benefits

  • Increase business valuation
  • Take control of the strategy
  • Increase market share
  • Earn more dividends

Our Services

  • Source and analyze potential investment
  • Facilitate due diligence and negotiation
  • Prepare and organize the fundraising

Our Assets

SALINA Business Investment – Extensive understanding of major industries and a qualitative business network. Thanks to our presence in Asia, Europe and the Middle-East we are able to provide effective access to these markets.

Our experience

SCOPE OF WORK – How we helped a company to fund their project of concurrently developing in 3 countries:

  • We analyzed the market and sourced potential target/s
  • We conducted a due diligence and proposed multiple scenarios with
    different risk levels
  • We drafted the investment summary
  • We met investors and presented the project
  • We helped to close the deal and drafted the final agreement