Business Merger & Acquisition

Our Approach

BUSINESS MERGER & ACQUISITION is designed for companies and investors who want to grow their business portfolio. Our team of experts will allow you to concentrate on running your day-to-day business while we focus on bringing multiple opportunities to the table.

Your Benefits

  • The fastest way to enter a new market
  • Generate cost efficiency through economies of scale
  • Enhance revenue gain through increased market share
  • Greater value generation

Our Services

  • Meet your team to understand your target criteria
  • Develop a target list around your target criteria
  • Qualify targets and obtain background information for review
  • Meet the targets and prepare a shortlist for your review
  • Help you prepare offers and work with you to get the transaction closed

Our Assets

SALINA Trade & Business Partnerships Toolkit – Since 2005, Salina Consultants has developed an extensive, qualitative, and effective business network in Asia and Europe. Our experts are hard to please which guarantees you the choice of the best targets in the market.

Our experience

SCOPE OF WORK – How we help companies to secure their Merger & Acquisition strategy by finding the right target:

  • Assess the target market through market and consumer studies
  • Conduct a feasibility study in order to identify and assess the most
    profitable Merging & Acquisition scenarios
  • Search, identify and investigate the potential business targets
  • Draft a business plan with precise objectives and accurate sales forecasts,
    based on our business planning tools
  • Draft, sign and implement the business acquisition agreement