Business Partnership

Our Approach

TRADE AND BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS is designed for companies willing to expand their activity worldwide and looking for the best market entry solution. Our expertise and experience of Asian business environments will allow you to choose and implement the appropriate business partnership strategy in order to secure your investments and set up a profitable business model.

Your Benefits

  • Target relevant markets based on your products & services
  • Develop a proper business partnership strategy
  • Identify relevant and trustworthy business partners
  • Secure and implement business partnerships agreement

Our Services

  • Franchise network design and implementation
  • Joint-venture agreement
  • Licensing agreement
  • Commercial partnerships: agents and distributors

Our Assets

SALINA Trade & Business Partnerships Toolkit – In-depth market-entry tools: market monitoring and business intelligence studies, along with in-house Corporate Management assets: Strategic map and Project Management.

Our experience

SCOPE OF WORK – How we help companies to secure their market-entry:

  • Assess the target market/s through market and consumer studies
  • Conduct a feasibility study in order to identify and assess the most
    profitable market-entry scenarios
  • Search, identify, and investigate potential business partners
  • Draft a business plan with precise objectives and accurate sales forecasts,
    based on our business planning tools
  • Draft, sign, and implement the business partnership agreement