Business Planning

Our Approach

BUSINESS AND MASTER PLANNING is a comprehensive approach dedicated to companies committed to expanding their business and is designed to secure your market-entry strategy. We assist companies in creating a business plan, identifying and containing potential risks, and selecting approach to access new markets.

Your Benefits

  • Define and secure your strategy with accurate and quantifiable objectives
  • Clarify your approach towards targeted markets
  • Adapt your products & services to targeted markets
  • Identify key success factors & Make accurate business forecasts

Our Services

  • Business Plan creation and review
  • Risk assessment
  • Legal structure advice
  • Market and consumer analysis

Our Assets

SALINA Business planning – In-house business planning assets designed to develop an accurate export strategy and business forecasts.

Our experience

SCOPE OF WORK – How we help exporters to plan their international development in Asia:

  • Assess the target markets through market and consumer studies
  • Consider how to adapt products & services for the target markets
  • Draft a business plan with precise objectives and accurate sales forecasts
  • Ensure the market entry plan is legally sound, based on our legal
    expertise and experience in the region
  • Choose the organizational and legal structure that will match your
    business needs
  • Anticipate risks and potential threats: emerging competition, intellectual
    property issues, political risks etc.