Due Diligence

Our Approach

DUE DILIGENCE is crucial to understand the risks and rewards before deciding to engage in a business transaction. We analyze different aspects of the business and assign importance to each to arrive at a valuation of the target company.

Your Benefits

  • Full understanding of the target company
  • Identify potential risks
  • Develop appropriate negotiation strategy
  • Take the best possible decision

Our Services

  • Investigation: business registration; shareholders list; registered capital
  • Financial analysis: Profit & Loss; balance sheet; tax declaration
  • Organization structure: organization chart; policies; manual and process
  • Branding evaluation: marketing collateral; brand visibility; brand reputation

Our Assets

SALINA 3 Risks Levels Report – In-house Risks Levels Report to offer you different scenarios. Thanks to our multi-lingual local teams, you ensure an in-depth analysis to support the best possible decision for your business development.

Our experience

BUSINESS CASE – How we helped a French Corporation to prepare and implement a profitable Merger & Acquisition:

  • The French Corporation hired us to conduct a Market Analysis.
  • From our report, the French Corporation decided to enter a new market
    and engage a friendly takeover.
  • We prepared all the necessary investigation and documentation to
    support their negotiation strategy.
  • We participated to the negotiation and draft the agreement closing the