Project Management

Our Approach

PROJECT MANAGEMENT helps corporate executives to plan and execute strategic projects through comprehensive and effective methods supported by strong leadership. Our service includes project planning and project implementation solutions. We have developed strong monitoring capabilities, providing accurate and objective information on project execution, along with flexible and effective corrective actions where necessary.

Your Benefits

  • Execute strategic projects effectively and efficiently
  • Adopt a methodological approach for your future projects
  • Ensure the delivery of your project on time
  • Enter new market in the best condition

Our Services

  • Project planning & Resource allocation
  • Progress and Value measurement
  • Communication strategy
  • Implementation and Results evaluation

Our Assets

SALINA Project Management – In-house Project Management tools designed to plan, implement and monitor all necessary actions to deliver your projects on time.

Our experience

BUSINESS CASE – How we helped a Singaporean Education group to create a new business school in Indonesia:

  • Our mission was to establish contacts with public actors and the local and
    international private sector in order to facilitate the communication with the group. Then we produced a project plan aligned with the group deadlines and we delivered the project 2 months before the expected date
  • The outcomes of our mission helped the group to establish 2 new business schools in Indonesia