Singapore Gateway

Our Approach

SINGAPORE: A GATEWAY TO SOUTHEAST ASIA is a comprehensive approach for companies considering the opportunity of setting up a regional headquarters in Singapore in order to access Southeast Asian markets. Our expertise will help you to benefit from Singapore’s unique business environment in order to expand your activities throughout the region and increase your revenues and profits.

Your Benefits

  • Gain access to the fast-growing Southeast Asian markets
  • Leverage Singapore’s strategic position
  • Benefit from one of the world’s safest locations to conduct business
  • 50 comprehensive Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements

Our Services

  • Southeast Asia market entry analysis
  • Business establishment strategy
  • Risk assessment & Legal structure advice
  • Strategic business planning & Business partners identification

Our Assets

SALINA Market Entry Toolkit – In-depth market-entry tools: market monitoring and business intelligence studies, along with in-house Corporate Management assets: Organizational Matrix, Strategic map and Project Management.

Our experience

SCOPE OF WORK – How we help companies to set-up in Singapore:

  • Develop an overall strategy to approach Southeast Asian markets through
    market analysis solutions: market studies, business intelligence,
    competitors identification and consumer studies
  • Identify the appropriate and most profitable way to set-up a business in
    Singapore through strategic business planning and legal structure advice
  • Support the effective creation of the new business thanks to corporate
    management solutions and business structuring expertise